Manufacturing technologies

Cutting-edge scientific researches and dynamic evolvement of technologies create new opportunities for national development.

Our Mentors, being the experts of high international level, will educate you on the key principles of building technologies, selecting the software and hardware requisite for design and manufacturing.

On the basis of the Lab, students initiate the projects aimed to invent an innovate technology for various applications.

Manufacturing technologies

Our Lab will help you develop unique engineering projects: 3D printers for prototyping the parts from plastic and metal, various CNC devices, treatment of composite materials.

We invite prospective partners, mentors and students to join us in a successful cooperation.

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  • CNC programming

    Study of hardware component base of CNC systems; insight into CNC systems and fundamentals of programming; insight into CAD systems.

  • Printing using FDM, SLS and EBF 3D printers

    Study of the fundamentals of additive technology and additive manufacturing; insight into 3D printers, the ways of their building; specifics of FDM, SLS and EBF 3D printing.

  • Metallography using Thixomet

    Study of the fundamentals of material science; insight into hardware component base of materials research facilities; insight into and work with Thixomet software for metallography.

  • Preproduction engineering

    Phasing and drafting of overall structural scheme of preproduction engineering; preproduction engineering in the field of aircraft and rocket engineering.

  • Products from composite materials

    Methods to produce articles from composite materials; creating technology roadmaps; methods for quality assurance for articles from composite materials; review of coiling machines.



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