IT Systems Development

We show you real-life success stories.

Only one Ukrainian IT company has been successful enough to release an IPO and our mentors were the ones to do it.

We have created a team of professionals willing to share the best practices that they have been accumulating and testing over the past 14 years. They remember what the Internet looked like before Facebook and Vkontakte and even back then they were aware of the potential of targeted marketing and highload systems.

IT Systems Development

If you are trying to bring your ideas to life and have come to a dead-end or you are struggling with an unproven hypothesis and need to conduct additional research – we are eager to help you!

We try to share our knowledge and our vision of collaboration. We believe this is the ticket to our mutual success.

We are open to any form of collaboration.

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  • Business planning. Innovative project development

    Objective tree; Business plan structure; Marketing; Finances; Focus on innovation; Production; Personnel; Management system.

  • Project Management

    Assessment of IT project concepts within the framework of Noosphere’s business paradigm which has proved its efficiency time and time again over our Company’s 14 year history.

  • Data mining

    Building unique data mining and analyzing algorithms, discovering hidden regularities in operating IT products, creation of forecasting systems.

  • Creative Management

    IT-project management,
    Specifics of IT-product monetization

  • JS - HotCode

    JavaScript development, frontend and special focus on backend, NodeJS ecosystem, application architecture, database operation.

  • Usability and Behavioral Analysis

    Searching for innovative methods to optimize IT systems conversion proceeding from human psychology and behavioral economics.

  • Highload System Architecture

    Nonstandard solutions’ development and their application in highload conditions. Experiments in operating systems.



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