Game Development

We break down the game development process into practical steps.

Our mentors, game developers from Murka, know everything there is to know about creating a game, as attested by their 20 million happy users from all over the world.

Murka develops games for users on mobile devices and in social media like Facebook and

Game Development

Computer game development is a very complex and intricate task. However our lab'smentors are ready to share their knowledge and experience to help you implement your idea in a real-life project.

We promise that you will have a great time!

We are open to any forms of collaboration!

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  • Level Design using Unreal Engine 4

    Building the levels and scenes using Unreal Engine; Role in development of games using level designer; Analysis of technologies and visual styles; Light; Optimization;

  • Unity3D game development

    The initial stage of project development. Creation of game a interface. Unity3D game development.

  • Graphic design in games

    The creation of an interface in game environment. Computer graphic development. Art design compositions.

  • Game design

    Developing detailed specifications of game mechanics. Formulating the rules, styles and pace of the game.

  • Game Project Manager

    Duties and responsibilities of a Game Project Manager. Their is role in the team. The intricacies of management in game industry



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